Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Epic Proportions Update

So at the end of week three, here are the stats

Column1 DAYS RUNS Cost per day Cost per run
Hunter 16 118 $ 36.19 $ 4.91
Leslie 14 69 $ 41.36 $ 8.39

Had we been purchasing at the window each day out cost per day would be

Leslie: $89.57
Hunter: $79.88

And the longer we ski the reater the difference will become.

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Anonymous said...

Forgive my note of caution.
Your cost per run will be meaningless if you squeeze in an extra run that brings you down in rescue sled. Then again, this is Colorado where there is snow not ice to ski on. Local skier, age about 60 had free ride down mountain in NH and free ride to MA General for surgical repair of broken femur 2 weeks ago. Not a bargain.