Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A Wrap Up

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Our last day of skiing at Breckenridge was more than a week ago. It was a WARM sunny day ... truly a perfect send off that left us wanting more. As you can see from the final tally below, we did NOT ski as relentlessly as we might have over the month. I tried to time my days off with the weather, choosing warm sunny days over cold snowy ones. Hunter went out in all conditions and made the most of it in conditions I would have abandoned after one run.

The other experiment in this journey was our equipment package. We both have our own boots. Hunter had an old pair of bright pink Lange's refitted two seasons ago up in Stowe and I graduated that same season from a pair of vice grip Saloman's (the ones that buckle from behind?) to a sweet pair of Nordicas that after a week start to feel like bedroom slippers. But we do not have new skis. So we arrranged for a season;s rental arrangement. Hunter bought a "performance demo" package and I a "sport" package. This meant that we could try as many different kinds of skis the shop had within the package we had bought. In the end Hunter settled on a pair of Voekl AC 30's and I was very happy with my Saloman X-wings. Hunter was so happy, in fact, that he came home and bought a pair.

What I loved about this package was that you could try different skis in different conditions at different lengths and learn some thing about what suited you best. While I am not THAT sensitive to different skis, Hunter learned enough to be able to decide what to buy. AND because of the package, we did not have to worry about returning the skis on days we chose to rest.

So here are the final stats

Column1 DAYS RUNS Cost per day Cost per run
Hunter 22 152 $ 26.32 $ 3.81
Leslie 18 86 $ 32.17 $ 6.73

Had we purchased the tickets full price each day, my cost perday would have been $90 perday and Hunter's $80.50 perday.

And as for the ski rental ... my price with the pass was $13 per day and Hunter's $16.50.

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