Saturday, March 10, 2007

Simple Meals

For an American who is used to backing her station wagon up to the supermarket and loading up for the week, there is a little readjustment that has to take place when you are planning even the simplest meal. We had a few friends over the other evening for a simple supper … artichokes … quiche (charcuterie made) … cheese … dessert … and of course bread. Seems simple enough, doesn’t it? Well let’s just start with the beverages. 4 bottles of Champagne, 3 bottles of red wine, and 6 bottles of water all have to be carried back and up the stairs. The artichokes seem simple, yes? Well when you consider that the marches des legumes in your neighborhood is closed on Monday, then you have to plan ahead. The cheese could be bought ahead of time, but I needed to have Hunter with me to translate. Even with the ready made quiche and dessert, there was always the question of what could be bought early and what had to wait until the night of.

Pleased to report that a good time was had by all … that we were all surprised when we discovered it was past midnight when we thought to look at our watches.

The next evening we stayed in, and I adjusted my favorite Vodka Penne recipe to go with the small amount of champagne we had in one of the bottles.

And I’m afraid I over bought the bread, so we have been having pain perdue each morning since. I discovered a long cloth bag in one of the drawers of the kitchen to store the baguettes in. And I also store the left over slices that have gone dry. Here they are soaking for this morning’s breakfast.

Champagne Penne

½ box of penne cooked
1 jar spaghetti sauce heated
3 Tablespoons left over champagne
¼ cup heavy cream

Drain the penne and put in a bowl. Toss with the Champagne and then add the cream. Let sit for 1 minute then add the heated sauce (I used a jar of Bolognese)

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ginger said...

Those artichokes are amazing!