Wednesday, March 14, 2007

"pêcheurs de lune"

This past weekend was given over to the joys of browsing through flea markets. There was one in the 12th along the rue Richard Lenoir that we went to on Saturday afternoon and then the famous Les Puces out at Clignancourt on Sunday. The weather was spectacular and we browsed happily through the interesting offerings. At one point we spied four plates for what we thought was 4.90 Euro only to learn that it was 490 Euro. There were

Paintings ...

...and Andy Warhol chairs

an old time Becassine

an accordian ...

and even an Elvis

In the end I found a lovely little silver chair to add to my chair collection.

We strolled down to Bastille and turned onto the rue St. Antoine. This neighborhood used to be its own village separate from Paris and it was where cabinet makers worked. Today, if you go down the side alleys, you can see the remnants of furniture makers plying their craft.

The guide books say, don’t worry about directions to Les Puces, just follow the crowd as it tumbles off the Metro at Pte. de Clignancourt. How true! After making our way through the outer section selling all manner of clothing, we found the warrens that house the historic flea market. My favorite part of the market was a little café nestled in the heart of it where a woman was singing Edith Piaf tunes to the Sunday afternoon patrons. But I did spy this little chair which I left living in Les Puces in the care of the "fishers of the moon."

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