Tuesday, March 2, 2010

And the new word for today is ... Lemurian

During our first Gondola ride up yesterday I spied a Mom with her future Olympian on her back. She says the German built backpack is secure enough that it is easy to ski with her as part of you. The other man in the Gondola with us shared he was from Mt. Shasta and that got the Mom talking about a hike she had taken there a few years earlier. "hoped we might see some Lemurians!" she said with what I THOUGHT was a twinkle in her eye. Then the Californian went on at length about an encounter he had with a Lemurian when hiking there one summer.

By now Hunter and I are making eye contact ... Finally I interjected, "Is this how you Westerners play with unsuspecting Easterners before their first run of the day?" "Oh no!" the Mom protested earnestly. "You have heard of Atlantis, right?" I nodded. "Well these people were on a different land form in the Pacific and when it was submerged they went to live under Mt. Shasta."

We are not in Kansas any more, Toto.

Great day skiing. I tried out a pair of K2 "Burnin' Luvs". Great ski.

We came around the corner yesterday and found this group picnicking with a great view out over the valley floor.

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