Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Such a deal

For two days I have been chewing up the mountain with a a demo pair of K2 Burnin' luvs. Hunter has been encouraging me to try others, but herein lies the essential difference between us. I KNOW when I like something. I do not need to try all the other skis on the rack if I already LIKE something. But this ski, new, lists for over $1,100. I may LIKE it, but not that much.

So when I read on the internet that a women was able to negotiate a price of $450 for a pair of year old demos I thought, why not try and buy these skis from the guy I am renting it from. I decided I would not pay more than $500.

So I marched down the hill to the ski rental place and approached the guy from whom we had rented them armed with my negotiation face.

"If you're willing to deal in cash, I'll sell them to you for $100." Whoo!! Whoo!! Such a deal !

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