Wednesday, December 26, 2007

...and then the rains came

I had never experienced a tropical rain before last evening. Hunter had just returned from a new Chinese restaurant with some carryout when the skies opened. We stood on the balcony and watched as a curtain of rain approached from across the harbor. We toasted our last night in Cairns to the comforting patter of rain around us. This was no passing shower. It went on steady and hard well into the night. How lucky we have been to have the excellent weather we have had. Now it is on to New Zealand.

And for those interested, the bag remains elusive. Hunter is slowly acquiring an entire Billabong wardrobe. [Cowabunga!] First stop in Christ Church ... the pharmacy.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Leslie and Hunter,
This account of your trip is wonderful fun. The opening picture of globe and distance was good intro and the following fabulous images are fascinating. thanks, happy trails, mbk