Sunday, December 30, 2007

Some down notes

I was unaware in this age of electronic tickets that we needed to show paper proof of our flight OUT of New Zealand before we could leave Australia. I discovered this about an hour before my international flight was to depart Brisbane. I could call up the itinerary on my computer screen and show it to the agent… an itinerary which if it had been printed out would have been sufficient, but because it was not on paper, it would not suffice. Nor could the airline, I was flying with call up my itinerary even though I had bought it as one large Circle Pacific fare in the Star Alliance. Finally an Air New Zealand customer service representative was able to get a United agent to fax the itinerary to her and we made to the gate just in time.

And speaking of United Airlines … the bag has not been found despite numerous calls to Chicago. Today we bit the bullet and bought a new bag. We also spent a day getting prescriptions for the missing medications, a task that took about four hours a doctor’s visit and a visit to two pharmacies. Later in the afternoon we wandered around the square in front of Christ Church Cathedral and watched some stand up outdoor chess games.

The New Bag

We also began driving today … on the left side of the road. Very strange indeed. Requires constant concentration. It’s like learning to drive all over again.

Oh … and it’s chilly here. I was not expecting chilly.

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