Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas Day

“What do you need to take out to the reef? Only yourselves!” With those instructions from my crew member I jettisoned my watch AND my glasses and headed out to Michaelmus Cay to snorkel. It is GOOD to live without your watch every once and awhile and just surrender to the wonders of the marine world. It is amazing what I CAN see without my glasses and it is amazing how timeless the world becomes without your watch.

It was quite a treat to float above this magical world of parrot fish, and angelfish and batfish and giant clams. And what a collection of coral there was. When I am snorkeling I lose all track of time and really become entranced with the view I have below me. There is something almost meditative about it as you focus on a world you cannot be a part of and you focus on “the breath.” Some of these pictures are not mine, but were taken with an underwater camera by our crew.

This giant clam is at least 5 feet across

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