Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Return to Auckland

On our last day in Russell the sun came out in earnest in the afternoon. It was good to be able to see the Bay of Islands with the sparkle of blue and green contrast that it deserves and not just varying hues of gray. These shots were taken from the top of Flagstaff Hill.

The kiwis have a way of putting obvious names to their provinces. The west coast of the island is the province of West Coast ... the north part of the North Island is called Northland. As we made our way north to Russell out of Auckland last week just after we had entered Northland, we came up over a rise and STOPPED conversation. There in front of us was the most amazing view of this huge bay that encompasses the Northland town of Whangarei. There was no chance to capture a picture on the way north, but on the way south we did. This shot does not do it justice.
We had a lovely lunch alongside the port in Whangarei called Town Cove and ate an excellent meal at a place called Reva's. Then we headed south and side tripped to the little beach called Waipu Cove. At 5:00 pm it still felt like high noon. Hunter took a long exercise walk on the beach while I gathered ocean treasures. (some people call them seashells.)

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