Friday, January 4, 2008

Wine Tasting Down Under

There is a wine tasting bar in Queenstown on the order of the one at Whole Foods in Chantilly. Only this one is all New Zealand and Australian wines. There is even a Penfold’s Grange up for tasting. $30 NZ to taste 25 ml of the legend.I also stumbled onto a quirky little bottle called Haan. The label gives away nothing … “estate wine” is all it says. When I commented to the staff of the wine bar how much I liked it I was rewarded with the news that it has been a favorite of Robert Parker’s for many years and he has given it a 98. Here are two Pinot Noirs I liked.

And apropos of nothing except that Pinot goes with lamb … I am bewildered by the scarcity of lamb offerings on the menus here … particularly rack of lamb. You can get lamb rump for breakfast, lunch and dinner. But I have only seen rack of lamb once. Maybe all the legs and chops are excised for export?

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