Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Spectacular Scenery

The road form Queenstown to Glenorchy ranks up there with some of the lovliest I have ever driven … the Banff – Jasper Highway … the road from Como to Bellagio. … the Going to the Sun Highway in Glacier.

We started the morning taking a nature walk on the shore of Lake Wakatipu near Bob’s Cove. We learned about the local flora from little signposts on a nature trail.

For example we learned that the Australian brush tailed possum, introduced to New Zealand in 1837 cause sever damage to certain trees like the Fuschia Tree by tripping its bark and leaves. There are some 70 million of them now in New Zealand and they have no predator ... no natural control. Their fur is the only politically correct fur one can own. So when I found this shop in Glenorchy that sold goods made from their fur, I bought this little neck warmer. There IS something magic about fur ...

Then we headed north along the lake and that is when we were just blown away by the beauty at every turn.

This is the time of year that a Scotch Broom like flower is all over the mountain sides it is called Kowhi which is pronounced "Koe - fee" (like Kofi Annan's first name)

You CAN traverse the lake by boat if you prefer, but the road was pretty spectacular.

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